As a vertical manufacturer of premium quality towels and toweling products, we offer an extensive range of toweling techniques from Piece Dye, Yarn Dye, Jacquard, Reactive Print, to Low Twist and Zero Twist…etc. On the other hand, with our continuous investment in Research and Development, we constantly introduce new materials and techniques to our customers to aim for setting the trend leadership in their market.

For other home textile category included bedding, pillow cover, table linen and kitchen textiles, our product range varies from Basic Solid Dye, Reactive Print, Digital Print, Applique and Embroidery, Smocking and Pleating Cut and Sewn…etc, like our toweling products, we put numerous efforts to achieve customers’ satisfaction.

Apart from conventional cotton sources, we are able to provide American Cotton, Egyptian Cotton and Organic Cotton.  Besides cotton, we have sources to produce synthetic material such as per below fiber content.


 viscose mfiber bamboofiber 
  Viscose                                        Micro Fiber                                Bamboo Fiber

fleece coralfleece   

   Micro Fleece                            Coral Fleece

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